I extend my heartiest welcome to all the students, who after an intense competition, have become the part of this prestigious institution Ghazi University. I believe Ghazi University is a great blessing being the only institution of higher education in this region for the people of Dera Ghazi Khan and the adjacent areas. The very existence of this institution has provided the people of Southern Punjab the opportunity and access to the modern scientific knowledge which will enable them to cope with the challenges posed by the modern world. Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan is in its infancy and its administration and faculty is striving hard to take it to the zenith of glory and excellence. We aspire for a real change, indeed the quality that can be achieved by incorporating quality and excellence in all fields of learning, teaching, research and innovation for quality life. Teaching and research are the two pillars that sustain the edifice of a university and provide the indicators through which the ranking of an institution is determined. The university administration is striving hard to improve the standard of teaching and research activities according to the global needs. As such, we have a resolve to enhance the excellence, encourage innovations and knowledge and to improve resources and competencies of the faculty/scientists, students as well as the University to solve the emerging issues and challenges.Moreover, we value our students as a precious asset and have an unflinching determination to infuse in them a spirit to be the future leaders. For that, all of our  energies are focused on the sole aim of developing the leadership qualities of our enrolled students.The University aims to train the students to be efficient administrators and sagacious decision makers who could assume the responsibilities assigned to them in all walks of life. With the knowledge and skills received at this esteemed institution, they will come forward to be at helm of affairs and play their due role in the progress of the country. Before assuming the charge at Ghazi University, I had an opportunity to serve at the world’s renowned and top-ranked universities at international level. After devoting 20 years in the academically excellent institutions of the world (first at Kobe University, Japan and then at King Saud University of Saudi Arabia), besides my services for more than 8 years at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan), I returned to my homeland with the dream and mission to invest in my own country what I learnt from the international communities. I came with an aspiration to develop a system of global standards that can substantially contribute for socio-economic development of the country and nation.

              ”May Allah Kareem bless all of us and our country Pakistan’.

                                                                          Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail (TI)
                                                                          Vice Chancellor
                                                                         Ghazi University, D.G.Khan