Procurement TitleTypePublished DateClose DateStatusDepartmentTender NoticeTender Bidding
30Tender Notice for Repair and Renovation of city campusWork12 Mar 202130 Mar 2021OpenProject Director Office
29Provision and Fixing Chips Flakes Garden Benches, University Logo & Sign Boards, Ghazi University, D.G. KhanWork09 Mar 202126 March, 2021OpenProject Director Office
28Tender Notice for Supply of PlantsWork25 Feb, 202112 Mar, 2021OpenConvener UGPC
27Tender Notice for PlantsWork04 Feb 202123 Feb 2021CloseConvener UGPC
26Construction of Buses Shed, Extension in Admin Block andWork04 Feb 202122 Feb 2021CloseProject Director Office
25Providing and Fixing of Auditorium Chairs with Writing Pad Size 24×34 City Campus, Ghazi University D.G. KhanWork09 Feb 202125 Feb 2021OpenProject Director Office
24Tender for Provision and fixing Chips flakes Goods21 Jan 202109 Feb 2021CloseConvenor
23Tender for Boundary Wall ConstructionWork21 Jan 202108 Feb 2021CloseConvenor
22Tender Notice: Tender No. 02/2020-21
21Tender for Artificial LakeWork14 Dec 202030 Dec 2020CloseConvenor
20Tender for Water PumpWork16 Dec 202031 Dec 2020CloseConvenor
19Tender for Renovation of Crush HallWork10 Dec 202029 Dec 2020CloseConvenor
18Tender for hiring security servicesServices23 Dec 202007 Jan 2021CloseConvenor
17Tender documents Answer BooksGoods13 Dec 202028 Dec 2020CloseConvenor
16Tender documents ICT ItemsCloseConvenor
15Tender documents Stationary ItemsGoods13 Dec 202028 Dec 2020CloseConvenor
14Construction of Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel, Bachelors Faculty Hostel at New Campus Ghazi University D.G.Khan.Work08 Sep 202024 Sep 2020CloseConvenor
13Construction of Sewerage System at City Campus Ghazi university D.G.KhanWork04 Aug 202020 Aug 2020CloseConvenor
 12Provision of Hardware and IT Equipment Tender Notice.Goods05 Jun 202019 Jun 2020CloseConvenor
 11Construction of Boundary Wall and Cafeteria at City Campus of Ghazi University Tender Notice.Work05 Jun 202019 Jun 2020CloseConvenor
10 Price Bid Evaluation ReportCloseConvenor
 9M/S No. GU-DGK/Proc/T2/2019-20 Provision/Printing Of Answer Books And Printing Material (Printer etc.) For Printing Of Students CardsCloseConvenor
Auction noticeCloseConvenor 
 7Transport tender noticeCloseConvenor
 61.Repair of Non-Tiping Trolley 2.Tank for irrigation water tanker 3.Tyres and BatteriesCloseConvenor
Purchase of ICT and Lab EquipmentCloseConvenor
 4Repair and Maintenance of Multipurpose Hall/Meeting Room/Admin BlockCloseConvenor
 3Schedule(a) chemicals/glass ware/lab equipment schedule (b) stationary schedule (c) it & other itemsCloseConvenor
 2Quotation call letterCloseConvenor 
Quotation call letter (permanent lab equipment)CloseConvenor