Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz)
Vice Chancellor

welcome your choice of the emerging horizon of Ghazi University to quench your quest for knowledge and steel your way through the world of education. This is a newly established and first ever university of Dera Ghazi Khan. Despite being a new university, it has been fortunate enough to have inherited long lasting traditions of teaching and mentoring experience of experienced faculty of its constituent institutes.
Ghazi University is fortune enough to have from the very infancy, the outstanding, erudite and skilled faculty comprising 50 PhDs and 54 MPhils in various disciplines. In Allam Iqbal’s words Only change has performance. Knowledge will ever remain growing. The challenge shared by all the educational institutions is to generate and promote intellectualism and to impart adequate education and training to the youth of the nation for equipping the students with need based skills to enable them to cope with the ever changing and divergent demands of the future. To materialize this aim and to enable the youth particularly the students of under developed otherwise potentially enriched areas of D.G. Khan division to cater for the specialized knowledge, Ghazi University is distined to play a pivotal role. To educate and facilitate the students, this university has initially started four faculties. The University s offering undergraduate & postgraduate programmes under semester system in various dsiciplines of Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Management Sciences.
Ghazi University, is going to be a pragmatic enterprising and forward-looking seat of higher education in future because of its strong and skilled faculty and state of the art laboratories and need-based programs of studies. I assure you that your decision to choose this university to utilize your potentials will help you for materializing your dreams.