Faculty Profile

Defining quality in education is not easy and various measures are used as proxies. However, it is recognized that an important qualitative outcome for the learner and teacher is the development of his or her meta-cognition that is closely linked with development of education system. In this world of academia during the last decade of 20th century, education in Pakistan is under increasing pressure from parents and the government to help students develop their all-round personality and professional attitude. Teachers and students today are required to meet the legitimate demands of the contemporary society. These expectations can only be met if the teaching quality of teachers, their professional expertise and their understanding of the surroundings are enhanced. These requirements point to the need for a professionally oriented courses like MA in Education and M Ed. which can enable teachers to examine, evaluate and reflect upon current practices in school at progressively deeper level. The Department of Education has set itself to produce qualified teachers, administrators, planners, curriculum designers and educational researchers who can bring suitable changes and improve educational standards. We are facilitating for regular classes of MA in Education, M.Ed., B.Ed. and other research based programs like M.Phil and Ph.D in this department will be offered in future are available to produce scholars and researchers in the field of education. The admission in MA education and M Ed. are made on the basis of candidates’ academic record.