Guidelines for Students and Teachers regarding Online Learning (Version-1)

As already notified vide No. GU-DGk/Admn.61/833 dated 15.03.2020 that HoDs of all teaching departments will ensure uploading of course-related materials of offered courses by all faculty members in the current semester (Spring-2020) on LMS. Therefore, follow the instructions given below.

  1.  A focal person has already been nominated (a list is available on (, he will manage LMS at the departmental level which includes course creation and technical assistance to other faculty members and students whereas departmental focal persons can contact university focal person (Dr. Abdul Hannan) at and WhatsApp group has been created for the focal persons of all departments.
  2.  All HoDs/departmental focal persons of teaching departments  are once again requested to provide information of students and faculty members on the prescribed Performa for the official email addresses, which is compulsory for login to LMS on the top priority on the following email address (
  3. The online form has been created for New Account of LMS/Smart University and Password reset.

For faculty members:

For students:

Note: To submit these online forms, it’s mandatory for faculty members and students to have a university email address and login through the university email id.

  1. All the faculty members are requested to enroll students in LMS courses and upload the contents of the courses, assignments, courses, slides, online courses, etc and the LMS user guide is available on the university website.
  2. All faculty members will create two WhatsApp groups (one for boys and others for girls separately) for each course and it’s mandatory to add the head of the department as a member of the group.  The group name must follow the sequence (Course Code Short course title, Degree, session, M/E). The major objective of WhatsApp groups is to communicate with students whereas updated course material will be available on LMS.

Note:  It is informed that private conversations with the students are not allowed; please use only course groups to share the contents and discussion about the course.

All the information related to online learning will be shared on the following web page on the university website.